Kristull Omniscense, foundation of Kennel Starcastle Hounds Silken Windhounds

Thank you Francie for entrusting me with the silliest little girl in the world - Omni!

You changed my life forever when you sent me Omni and Nuna across the world in 1998.

Susann Stjernborg at
Starcastle Hounds

Omni 11 years old

Kristull Omniscense
April 12, 1996 - May 31, 2010

Kristull Feathered Wonder X WindAuer Kristull Windsong
Breeder: Francie Stull, kennel Kristull
Owner: Susann Stjernborg, kennel Starcastle Hounds

Omni was one of the first 3 Silken Windhound imports arriving in Europe in 1998.

Little did anyone know then that she would found a European dynasty.
As of today ( May 31, 2010 ) she has 72 descendants in 4 generations. To my knowledge, 71 of them are still alive, her daughter Dimma was killed in car accident in 2006.
See "All descendants" in the menu to the left.

The Matriach

In the photo above we see Omni at the front, her red daughter Lizzie to her right, her daughter Hoppsan behind her and Rowan at the far right. The puppy Sirena is a great granddaughter.

Omni went by many names, Omni, Omnisen and Omsipomsan are just a few.

Omni was the sweetest and gentlest creature on earth.
She was silly and happy all the time, trying to get some respect in her pack but failing miserably. All the other dogs knew they could get away with just about everything when it comes to Omni.

Of all her kids, Hoppsan is closest when it comes to looks, but Hoppsans daughter Hejsan is the one showing most of Omnis silly sense of humour.


Grandson in Slovenia, from kennel Wolkowo
There is also a grandson in Slovenia with an uncanny resemblance of Omni, but in a masculine form, see photo above.


In her old age Omni had almost lost her hearing.
After a long life in perfect health her rear was slowly giving up.

Why Omni?

Omni was chosen as one of the first imports to Europe for several reasons.
Back then, in 1998, there were very few Silkens at all.
Omni was one of the few young ones.

Small Silkens were very rare and Omni with her 19 inches (49 cm) was one of the smallest around.

Light colored Silkens were almost non existant. Most were selfs, brindle and quite often rather dark. Omni was a self cream, suppressing black (brown pigment) with a promise of lighter colors for the future.

But the main reason was Omnis personality.
She was an outgoing happy clown who loves everyone and she has never been afraid of anything in her entire life.

Omni 3 years old



Omni with Francie and Arabian horse at the ranch in Texas

Omni in USA, here with Francie and an Arabian horse at the Kristull Ranch in Austin, Texas.

Omni with puppy Nuna (white and red brindle) with the pack at Kristull Ranch.


Omni in Germany 1998

Omni arrived in Germany summer 1998 where she stayed with Edith Titze for the duration of her rabies vaccination process.

Omni arrived with her friend Nuna in Sweden March 19, 1999

Omni 3 years


Omni in Sweden, 3 years old

Omni BOS, Kristull Rowan BIS

Omni was not really a show dog but she has been the only Silken Windhound here at kennel Starcastle Hounds capable of real TRAD (Tremendous Reach And Drive) movements.

Omni has been shown 4 times in her life, the best result was when she was BOS in 2007

Judge Kevin T Schimel, Phaedrea Borzoi, USA;

"And my Veteran Bitch/BOS/Best Bitch ONE showed it all EXCELLENT SHOULDER LAYBACK MISSING IN THE BREED IN MANY! Kristull Omniscense (over 11 yrs)and still moving so well!".


Omni had 2 litters, the first when she was 5 years old.

First litter:

  • Starcastle Hounds Firelizard (Lizzie)

Second litter

  • Starcastle Hounds Sunset (Dimma)
  • Starcastle Hounds Sunrise (Hoppsan)
  • Starcastle Hounds Åska (Luna)
  • Starcastle Hounds Thundercloud (Tor)
  • Starcastle Hounds Silver Lining (Lines)

Slo Ch Starcastle Hounds Silver Lining, was the first Silken Windhound to win a national champion title in a FCI country (Slovenia).

Åska moved to USA, first to kennel Kristull and later to Delta Windhounds

Kristull Omniscense, foundation of kennel Starcastle Hounds
  This is the list of Omnis descendants as of May 2010
  Kristull Omniscense (Omni)
    1)Starcastle Hounds Firelizard (Lizzie)
    1)Starcastle Hounds Fire Alarm (Alice)
    Starcastle Hounds Beeper
    Starcastle Hounds Buzzer (Sassy)
        Starcastle Hounds Siren (Sirena)
        Starcastle Hounds Danger (Diezel)
        Starcastle Hounds Warning (Foxy)
          Starborough Anikin
          Starborough Queen Amadala
          Starborough Padme
          Starborough Wicket
          Starborough Song
          Starborough Serenade
      Starborough Music Maker
      2) Starcastle Hounds Fire Faery (Skippy)
      Starcastle Hounds Singleton (Gizmo)
    3) Starcastle Hounds Fire Fly (Fira)
    1) Fireproof Princess Endever (Cessie)
    2) Firesmoke Spirit of Endever (Lily)
    3) Firestar Indy of Starborough (Indy)
          Starborough Queen Amadala
          Starborough Padme
          Starborough Wicket
          Starborough Anikin
          Starborough Song
          Starborough Serenade
    Starborough Music Maker
    4) Firelite Pandora Starborough (Dora)
        5) Endever Dancing Diva (Diva)
    6) Endever's Private Dancer (Casper)
    4) Starcastle Hounds Fire In The Dark (Nellie)
        Jagnes A Dark Highness (Nessie)
          Dark Filur
      boy 2 (Blondy)
    Jagnes A Dark Blossom (Chanel)
    Jagnes A Dark Princess (Puppan)
    Jagnes A Dot in the Dark (Dot)
    Jagnes Black Tia (Tia)
        Jagnes Brindle Brownie (Bessie)
        Jagnes A Shadow in the Dark
        Jagnes A Dark Shadow
        Jagnes Brindle Casey
        Jagnes Black Cleithe
          Tanner's Anna
          Tanner's April
          Tanner's Alva
          Tanner's Amy
          Tanner's Antek
          Tanner's Ashley
        Jagnes ?
        Jagnes ?
        Jagnes ?
      5) Starcastle Hounds Firebrand (Woody)
    6) Starcastle Hounds Firewall (Felix)
    2)Starcastle Hounds Sunrise (Hoppsan)
    Starcastle Hounds Ojsan (Diva)
      Starcastle Hounds Hejsan (Kirri Kirri)
    Starcastle Hounds Morning Mist (Viper)
    3)Starcastle Hounds Sunset (Dimma)
    4)Starcastle Hounds Åska (Luna)  -> USA
      Kristull Osage
      Kristull Quesadilla
    5)Starcastle Hounds Thundercloud (Tor)
    6)Slo Ch Starcastle Hounds Silver Lining
      Ebony Equinox Wolkowo (Boni)
      Ever Empress Wolkowo (Ivy)
      Elrond Elrohir Wolkowo (Gandalf)
      Eternal Empire Wolkowo (Kay)
      Eastern Extreme Wolkowo (Timo)
      Eagle Eye Wolkowo (Igor)
      Emperor Enigma Wolkowo (Car)
      Sarafias Casimir
      Sarafias Cara
        Sarafias Eleana
        Sarafias Elysinia Ilanjas
        Sarafias Eryk
        Sarafias Eadir
        Sarafias Elea Ilanjas
      Sarafias Cassandra (Sandra)




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